Better Late Than Never

I’ve made each of my kids a “baby” quilt, although with very different purposes and time frames. I started Boxer’s while I was pregnant, when we didn’t know if he would be a Boxer or a Bloomer, so I stuck to purples and greens as we did for the nursery colors. It was actually the first quilt I ever made, and it did turn out pretty good for a first time, I think. I finished it a couple months before the birth, and even had it to show off at my baby shower at work.

Bloomer’s I started months after she was born, and I just finished it a couple weeks ago. My excuse/reason for this is that I’ve re-purposed some baby things of hers that I particularly liked. Or that I’ve gotten lazier/busier/slacktacular on the journey to motherhood. So here it is:

Bloomer's Baby Quilt - Finally!

Aside from needing to invest in a better photography setup or something, I am quite pleased with it. The pinks morph into purples and whatnot. Around the outside border are little appliqués of either a cat silhouette from the same purple fleece her pacified cozy is made out of, or a flower from the same purple gingham as the crib dust ruffle.

Or, as in this example, the little leather ladybugs from her baby booties and a cut-out of the flower cluster from my favorite baby dress of hers.

Bloomer's Quilt Close-up 2

Scattered throughout are these little butterfly appliqués which I bought before I was even pregnant with Boxer and said I use them somehow with my first baby. Or second. Whatever.

Bloomer's Quilt Close-up 1

Each kids also has a quilt that my MIL made them with appliqués up the wazoo, and some others that were more functional that we usually throw on the floor to dance on (other than this one that I’m hanging on the wall and not letting her touch). So, finally. Done.

Which is great timing, because she’s not a baby anymore. She is a little girl.

Who’s not getting her mitts on this for a number of years because dammit, it took 2 year to finish.

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  1. It is beautiful. Nice work!

    I have a cross-stitch baby blanket that I started circa May 2001. Yep, still not finished.

    If I ever do finish it? I’m going to be buried with it. That blanket is the bane of my existence.

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