It’s been precarious times near the sewing machine.

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But I have managed to accomplish a few things. One of which is my Dead End Contest, so called because it is not a Pay It Forward contest. Originally it was so anyone with a secret blog or no blog at all could enter and not feel like they had to do a contest in return, but as it turns out I don’t think the contest I won is not going to come through since I think the blogger has a bunch of other stuff going in her life, so I’m not going to bug her.

But! The goodies! I call this “The I’m-Not-Blue-Anymore-But-You-Can-Be-Anyway Tote”. Behold:

Blue Tote

A totebag! Here’s the interior:

Blue Tote Interior

In addition to the pockets, I bet you’re wondering, “Bikini, what is that large white thing in the totebag that made your camera flash spaz out?”

Voila! A Tupperware spill-proof insulated cup (seen here with the other side of the totebag).

Blue Tote with Cup

I have one of these spill-proof cups, and can attest that it is in fact spill-proof. At least for when you knock the cup over accidentally- if your 2-year-old likes to shake things with red Kool-aid in them like a maraca, you may not escape unscathed, but you’ll be pretty close.

Also, I know some of you guys are anti-plastic, so if you don’t want the cup, specify in your comments and I won’t send it. To enter said contest to win the Blue Tote, leave a comment by 5pm Eastern on Thursday July 24 with the question to the answer: “Because I said so,” Sort of like Jeopardy, you see. I’ll use the same random number generator to pick the winner, so comment away!

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  1. Why can’t I have a sucker? And I LOVE the bag!! Don’t despair about your pif win not arriving…mine has yet to arrive as well. I finally got an e-mail from the gal and she said she got busy and was sending a gift card…not as exciting! oh well…i have my 2nd pif giveaway going right now, ends today…GO ENTER!!! I’ll mail my giveaway by tuesday!

  2. why did the sun go down?

    let me explain why “because I said so” is the answer…
    my son is in the “WHY?” phase. And every time I answer him a question, I finally give up and answer Becasue I said so…to anything. He accepts it.

  3. (Because I do not, as of yet, have children I feel unqualified to play your game of Jeopardy, but I will give it a stab nonetheless.)

    Me: Why can’t I go to Pantfreesia and not laugh so hard that I spew fizzy water out of my nose and at the same time disturb my mom who is trying to get some sleep?

    Bikini: Because I said so!

    (Hey, I never said that I wasn’t up for shameless pandering. I only said that I didn’t really feel qualified. And yes, I know that the winner will be chosen by a random number, but sucking up can’t be a bad idea, right?)

    P.S. HAWESOME bag. I’m jealous of your skillz.

    P.P.S. I really don’t think the cup will be safe from me, but ok I’ll go along with you. I don’t like to shake things with red Koolaid in them anymore but you have no idea how kutzy I am. I seem to have the superpower to break or spill anything that is supposed to be impossible to break or spill. It’s a gift. And a curse.

    P.P.P.S. Choose me!

  4. Why is the cat required to vacuum?

    Question posted by the cats in my household?

    My question would be why can’t I get either one of mine to get even that close to the vacuum?

  5. Wow, gorgeous! You and I have so much in common, except that you actually finish projects! I’m so impressed.

    Me: Get your freaky little fingers out of your brothers nose now!

    Noah: But whyyyyy?

    Me: Because I said so, you little booger collector.

  6. Please don’t count this comment because it wouldn’t be fair to post twice, but I just had to say that Kristin’s question to “because I said so” made me rofl so hard that there is now even more fizzy water covering my computer monitor. Thanks Kristin!

  7. All asked by my MIL recently…

    “Why can’t your 11 month old daughter eat an ice cream cake? chew on a chicken bone? wear frilly dresses?”

    In my head I responded, “because I said so”

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