I Am On A Roll!

So it turns out that with the slooooooow activity at work today (typical of day before a holiday), I got a chance to pack up early and head… over to my sewing machine, which is about 6 feet from my work desk. I re-did a section of stippling on one side of the borders where I didn’t catch the backing fabric correctly (and had a 3″ poof of fabric on the back – heinous). That will teach me not to rely on quilter’s basting spray for quilts of this size! And then the kids were enraptured with a movie before dinner so I even got the binding finished and voila! The first quilt I have ever made for myself.

Mystery Quilt

The pattern is called “Clues Along the Uneven Path”, from this book. I’d had the feature fabric (the big blocks and outer border) for quite some time, and was pleased to be able to use it finally; it is a William Morris print. I have several framed postcards of William Morris prints in our living room. I’m partial to the purple rose fabric myself, as every time I see it I think of how my mom and sister were convinced I was going to paint every room in the house purple.

Mystery Quilt Closeup

That wasn’t exactly true, although our bedroom was three shades of purple, and the guest room was a periwinkle. Other than that, nothing else was painted purple. Yet.
Anywho, this quilt is either going to go in the living room (along with about 4 blankets already in there), or in our bedroom (where it will go with the green quilt on the bed right now, and the purple ceiling) (I did eventually paint over the purple walls in the bedroom as it was like sleeping inside a giant plum).

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  1. Beautiful! I love how you actually finish your projects! Me, not so much.

    I too am a fan of purple. Too bad the hubby won’t let me do our bedroom in purple. Instead, it is still plain old boring builders white. Somewhat symbolic of our sex life I think.

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