My Early Birthday Present To Myself

My quilt group wrapped up our Mystery Quilt project last month (pictures of mine to be posted shortly, as I had to redo a part of the quilting that looked like monkey butt), so when soliciting for new project ideas, I jumped in and suggested a totebag. One might say I whipped out the airport elbows and hollered “A TOTEBAG LIKE SHANNON’S PLEASE!” and knocked several old ladies out of the way lest they offer up something different, but then, one couldn’t really prove that, could they?
Truthfully, I was sort of coveting a bag Shannon, one of the group members, had brought in that she had made. Not “coveting” in the sense that I was plotting to take out Shannon (she’s sort of fierce in a nice-but-exceptionally-tall sort of way) and take her bag, but rather upon seeing it, I got the sense that I Must Have A Bag Like That (not unlike my shoe reaction). Not because I don’t have enough random bags in the house to carry all of our worldly possessions already, but I was going to write off the material purchase as a part of my birthday present.
So we got the instructions at quilt group on Tuesday evening, and I finished mine yesterday (a hint at my secret identity based on the initial, but if you’ve ever emailed me you’d know my name anyway).

New Tote Exterior
What’s that fabric, you ask?
Tote Fabric Close-up
Why yes, those are pink circular saw blades! What gal doesn’t want some literal “Girl Power”? Some of the phrases say “Mrs. Fix It”, “Working Woman”, and (my personal favorite) “Word to Remodel”.
Here’s the interior – it’s pretty roomy, as the sides are 18″x18″ with a gusset of about 4-5″.
Tote Interior
I spaced the pockets sizes so I’ve got room for a book (you know, the one I bought for Brief to give me for my birthday), as well as whatever random flotsam I’m sure the kids will chuck in there.
I showed it Brief, all excited that I was finished, and then realized maybe he didn’t want to see circular saw blades ever again. I’m pleased to report, that aside from a partially missing fingerprint and some loss of feeling in the one finger, he’s fully recovered, and that my new tote bag did not set him back in recovery at all.

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  1. I knew the minute you said “like Shannon’s” it had to be Shannon from quilt group. She made me one as a thank you for doing VBS…so cute and “beach” themed! I will have to take a photo of it!

  2. OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE your bag!!! I want me one now….I really need to learn to sew I guess. Found your site through Swistle and will be adding you to my google reader!

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