Mo Blogging

Ha ha ha. No, not more blogging from me – I’m blogging about Mo!

Meet Mo:

Mo at the Ready

In case you haven’t figured it out, Mo is an alien, from the planet Yuron (joke complements of Brief, who will use that one at the drop of a hat – say it out loud and you’ll figure out why I might need special eye drops to lubricate my eyes from all the rolling they do).

Back to Mo: Mo is a gift for our grand-nephew for Christmas.

Sadly, as you can see from this picture, Mo’s rocketship has a propensity to fly awkwardly to the left due to a bum fin. As Mo is will likely be sacrificed to the Drool Gods shortly after his arrival in the Baby Galaxy, he’s not too worried. Baby drool has healing properties for aliens!*

I used this pattern for the rocketship. The original pattern calls for a wooden egg painted to look like an astronaut, but I didn’t have an egg and didn’t want to worry about paint chips in the baby’s mouth. And, I also can’t paint for crap, despite numerous efforts. So I used this pattern for the egg, omitting the secret pocket, although I could see where a secret alien podblaster could be a fun thing to stick in a secret pocket on Mo. I had some scrap alien-green fleece for his face and some black embroidery thread; normally I like my aliens a little more smug, but irony is frequently lost on 6 month olds.

* It is widely acknowledged that baby drool has no redeeming value to humans.

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