Things I’m Working On

Because I always work better under pressure (ha!), I am working on a number of Christmas gifts for people (both on “commission” and for me to give). I’m doing a number of totebags for people, but didn’t think that was appropriate for everyone on my gift list. For example: I’ve never seen my dad carry any sort of bag other than his toiletries bag and a laptop bag. I’ve never even seen him carry my mom’s purse when she’s toting something else (unlike poor Brief who has schlepped everything from diaper bags to Bloomer’s dainty pink purse). So a totebag seems unwise in that instance.

Here are some of the cute things I’ve found online that I’m going to work into my gift giving this year:

  • Rocket Man– perfect, I think, for our new grand-nephew.
  • Birds – Although this shows a mobile, I think I’m going to make some colorful ones for my grama in the spirit of the weird cat heads I made her as a kid.
  • Fabric basket – I need a couple of these for myself, but I may find some other uses for some as well – dressing up a gift card or making some other little gifties for the kids’ teachers.

Most of these I’ve found through the Sew, Mama, Sew! blog, which is having a “gifts for every recipient” series in November.