Why Yes, I Am Insane.

Ha! Just… HA! I’ve been up since 4am, you see. And while I had planned on getting up and hitting the stores a bit early, I wasn’t planning on FOUR FRICKIN’ A.M. early I had a small boy laying bed next to me, picking at my comforter and randomly touching me to see if I were awake.
So I did what any normal person would do. I pretended to be asleep until I had him convinced I was asleep and then I scared the poop out of him by putting on the Mommy Voice Of Doom and telling him to go to sleep and leave the comforter alone.
I tell you, the jump I got out of him make it worth being tired right now.
Anywho, while I was the warehouse club getting milk and normal non-Christmas gifts, the couple in the aisle next to me was purchasing the last Millenium Falcon scale model that I’d been drooling over every time we went to that particular store. At $140, however, I was content to pat it lovingly when we walked by. And also, I know if I did get it, I would have to share it with certain little boys who would not truly appreciate The Awesomeness That Is The Millenium Falcon. Much like I almost told that couple about their 8-year-old son for whom they were buying it.
So instead, I decided to make myself a Millenium Falcon / Star Wars quilt. It will be INSANE, I’m sure. It will work out nicely since I’ve decided to do some wall-hanging quilts for the living room to change out for the seasons/months, and perhaps I’ll decree all months that end in “y” or “r” STAR WARS QUILT MONTH.

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