My New Quilt Hanging Contraption

Quilt Hanger

Basically, I found an 8 foot unfinished drapery rod, painted it the color of the wall (which I just painted this blue color- it’s not quite so vivid as it shows up here), and hung it up. I used some suspender clips that were marketed for pacifier clips so it wouldn’t damage the quilts, and made some 1″ wide fabric loops to hang it from the rod.

I knew that my Christmas quilt would be 80″ x 65″, and I plan on that being the biggest one I’d hang up here. This particular quilt I saw in a quilting magazine with the fabric sold as a kit, and I fell in love with it. Here’s a close-up of the center panel.

Patriotic Quilt Close-up

I did a meandering stitch for the center flag and the outer border. I did some diagonal running stitches on the squares surrounding the center flag, and did some stars along the eagle cornerstones. Stars and stripes! I’m so literal!

I hope to have different quilts to hang up throughout the year, and I knew this one would work for a June/July quilt. I’ve got an August-y sort of one planned already (hint: it’s RED), and have some ideas for a fall-ish quilt, too. Of course, I have to fit in finishing Bloomer’s bed quilt and the king-sized quilt for my parents by Thanksgiving, but since these would be smaller wall-hangings it should work okay.

Of course, I have some clothing projects to do for Bloomer and myself to fit in there, too, but at least all these things will keep me busy! I’ve always told myself I work better under pressure, and I suppose now I get to prove it again.