Bloomer’s Bed

I finally got around to taking pictures of Bloomer’s room because I finally finished the quilt for her bed and put it on there. Check out the two things I made!

No, not the kids! The two quilts! Actually I think the quilts took longer to make than the kids, now that I think about it. Ah well. On the wall is the baby quilt I made for Bloomer, and on her bed is the new one.
Ah, that’s better. Over her bed are some of the wall stickers she earned for being good in school – there’s a whole slew scattered around her room. The bed we inherited from Brief’s aunt and made one slight modification to the posts.
We took off the wood finials and replaced them with four of these crystal (read: plastic) dragonflies I got a while ago. I was contemplating adding some ribbon or something, but at this point that would just be something else for the three year old to mess with instead of going to sleep.
You know what else she messes with?
…but that’s a two way street. It’s like Boxer should be the photobomber, but instead he’s just doing the obligatory annoying older brother thing and Zoom has photobombed the shot. Layers, people! Incidentally, I was trying to take a picture of the trunk next to Boxer for my mom, since it’s the antique one we got from her on the last visit and I recovered. Also in her room is the chair that I recovered in the same fabric as the trunk, and my old dresser that’s been painted white.
Zoom loves sleeping on the bed during the day, and almost always joins Bloomer and I when we pile on the bed to read bedtime stories. We read and laugh and tickle and talk. It’s a good bed.

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