Mom & Dad’s Quilt: Progress Report #1

I asked my mom if she wanted me to blog my progress on the quilt I’m making for their king-sized bed, and she said, “Sure!” So here’s my first progress post. Mostly my progress has involved ironing and cutting, which is still a lot of work and occasional rotary slice of the finger. Since there’s no red in this quilt, though, I probably shouldn’t bleed all over it.

Anywho, when my parents remodeled their bathroom, they also painted the master bedroom and put up some new curtains. Picture borrowed from my mom’s blog:

When we were visiting… an embarassingly long time ago given how long it’s taken me to get this quilt going, my mom picked out some main fabrics for borders and such, and since then I’ve been collecting browns and creams and aquas. I need 144 squares to go forth with my plan to do a disappearing nine patch in a blocky pattern that mirrors the curtains, and I think I’ve cut 175 or so to make sure I have variety.

I’ve also cut the borders and binding, but that’s not as fun to look at as stacks of blocks.

Also, aquas are crazy hard to find in the right tone. I have collected rather a large amount of ill-matched aqua fabric that I’ll make totebags out of or something. Alternately, I could do what I frequently recommend at my quilt group: Quilts for the Blind.

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  1. You had me until paragraph three. Then I got lost in quilting speak, which is worse than Greek to me. Greek I can figure out the occasional word. The quilting speak…. I got nothing.

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