Mom & Dad’s Quilt: Progress Report #2

Alternate title: My Math and Photoshopping Skillz, Let Me Show You Them.

So I got the squares grouped into groups of nine. The layout is 16 Disappearing Nine Patch blocks, which math nerds will know lays out to a 4×4 grid. Each block needs (quiz time!) nine squares, so 9 x 16 = 144. I wanted a mix of cream blocks, brown blocks, and aqua blocks. Given that a spreadsheet wasn’t really a viable alternative for sorting these bad boys out (the tape you use to stick them on the monitor eventually breaks and poof! you’ve got a mess all over your desk), I made piles.

Side note: Today’s post brought to you by Piles! The Lazy Man’s organization system.

Behold, my piles:

Once I got them all put together – no two groups of 9 blocks are the same! – I thought, huh, wow, those seem like small piles. I double checked my math – 144 blocks, yessiree! For comparison, here are my piles next to the stack of unused blocks I cut out.

So it looks like I could make another couple quilts with the leftovers. For elephants.

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  1. OOOOOH! Good! I was going to ask if there was any leftover fabric to make a couple pillow covers! ???? Hope you feel better!

    Love ya!

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