What I Did Before My Summer Vacation

So! Yes. I’ve been gone, and then back. Mostly here, but also somewhere else.  Regardless, here’s part of what kept me busy before the end of the school year (aside from last-minute parties, goody bags, packing for the beach, etc.):

Handprint Quilt

I made this quilt for the director of my kids’ daycare in honor of her retirement. The handprints are from the kids in Bloomer’s class, done with watered-down craft paint on plain muslin. I machine pieced it with scraps from my stash. The blue sashing and red outer border were 2 of 4 exceptions to my fabric diet this year – all the other fabrics were from my stash.

I embroidered each child’s name on the square, hand quilted in an echo pattern around each hand print and then machine quilted the rest.

Close-up Handprint - 2

You can see some additional pictures on my Flickr stream.

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  1. Nice! I envy your quilting skills. I obviously didn’t inherit your mother-in-law’s skills with a needle or sewing machine.

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