HtbaS – Episode 1

Inaguaral episode! I introduce myself and ramble a bit about my sewing and quilting past, my nerdiness, and also talk about my cats a little bit too much.

Here is the fall quilt I have hanging over my sofa. You can see the curtain rod painted the same color as the wall (had to adjust the contrast to actually show, but that made there rest of the colors look crappy!)

And here is a random picture of me and my sister with a wax figure of Spock. I am the blonde. And clearly overly friendly with Spock.

4 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 1”

  1. I finally found your pod cast after hearing references to it in other podcasts. So… in November 2013 in Australia I am starting to listen to your podcasts. I am coming in at the beginning and listening my way through…. am up to episode 12 in just a couple of days… listen while I am walking my dogs and hanging out washing. Often have snappy things to say or questions to ask and then have to remind myself that you are talking 3 years in the past…..

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