HtbaS – Episode 2

I ramble on (surprise!) about how to display quilts, small quilted items, and OMG CATS!

Here are the two quilts that I donated for the Kitty Kegger auction for Good Mews.

“Midwinter Mews”, from the Midwinter Gardenpattern from Clothworks.

“Frisky”, which was a kit from a company I can’t remember, but touts using only 3 yards of fabric to make a quilt top.

And here is the quilted portrait I did of Theo from the shelter, using this techniquefrom Quilting Arts (login required). Rather than binding the edges, I used a 9×12 frame and removed the glass.

First Impressions

6 thoughts on “HtbaS – Episode 2


    Hello and Welcome to the QUILTING POD CAST WORLD. You have a lovely voice and I enjoyed your podcasts… yes I listen to both and I hope to hear more from you.

    Can you please do a podcast about some of the quilt stores down your way. I plan to visit a friend in Atlanta next spring and I would love to do a mini shop hop… My friend is a crafter but not a quilter so she does not know about quilt shops in the area… She just moved down there this past September.

    Thanks ahead of time cause that would be helpful.


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