HtbaS – Episode 11

Quilty gifts:

Geeky gifts:

(with double secret Harry Potter picture from my dad in the background. It’s true! I do solemnly swear I am up to no good!)

With this mischief managed, I am heading off to finish my alien poop trifle. I’ll explain what that is in next week’s episode.

3 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 11”


    You are saving me from BOREDOM…. I am stuck alone in a hotel waiting for hubby to return from his mom’s house… HOT WATER TANK DIED AND MESSED UP THE FURNACE. Anyways he is tied up working and I am waiting for him to come back… So I down loaded your podcast. I will enjoy spending some time listening as I play free cell look at movies on TV and wait. Hopefully it won’t be too long as we had plans for a party with friends.

  2. Thanks for doing this podcast, Pam. I’ve dealt with depression in the past too. I think you’re right not to put too much pressure on yourself and to let yourself feel what you feel. I’ll be thinking of you. Best wishes.

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