HtbaS – Episode 12

I talk about Christmas cooking (alien poop trifle, anyone?), quilty gifts given and received, my picnic quilt, and some book recommendations and iPod tips.

Books mentioned in the podcast:

Picnic quilt:

Picnic Quilt - Front

Corner “pocket” – the pocket is just sewn in with the binding to make a place to slip a rock or some sand in to keep the quilt from flipping up in the wind.

Picnic Quilt - Corner Pocket Detail

Notepad Covers:
Miscellaneous teacher and relative gifts:

Holiday Notepad Covers

Vampire cover for my niece (teeth come from the paper pieced blocks at

Bite Me

Nook covers for my mom (Standing pattern here, and side flap cover inspired by this one)

Nook Covers

3 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 12”

  1. I have the complete DVD of RED DWARF … and I have begun collecting the older versions of DR WHO…

    What kind of MP3 player /iPod do you have? I am thinking of buying one but do not know much about it.

    What kind of reading do you like?

    Just wondering ???

  2. Hold your horses! Or… cats. Whichever is handier. Pictures are now up of the picnic quilt.

    I have an iPod Touch. My husband has a Sansa MP3 player and my MIL has another sort of MP3 player. Either of those MP3 players are good for music, but a pain for podcasts because I’ve not found a good podcatcher that isn’t iTunes.

    As for reading… some of my favorite authors are Philippa Gregory (British historical novels), Rosamunde Pilcher (British romance-y type stuff), JK Rowling (duh – Harry Potter), Jodi Picoult (heart-wrenching drama), Anita Shreve (her earlier stuff – the last few books have been predictable clunkers), Nora Roberts (spanning from mystery type books to straight up cheesy romance), Sarah Graves (“home repair is homicide” mysteries).. and… I’m sure there’s more. I average reading a book a week. I find I like to watch scifi more than I like to read it.

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