HtbaS – Episode 15

It’s Return of the Helper Cat! Zapper makes her presence known, and I need to wash my microphone. I talk about the Groundhog Day quilt I’m making, little green men, magazine clean-outs, and some feedback I’m soliciting.

The Marketplace: Handwork of India project info can be found here. And here are the blocks I made from my scraps (I made two of the one on the left):

Blocks for Marketplace

Here’s my Saturday Sampler block from Tiny Stitches:

Saturday Sampler

Groundhog Day blocks from the Random Reflections pattern:

Groundhog Day Blocks

5 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 15”

  1. Enjoying your podcast…. listening as I write.

    My 3 year old grandson enjoys your taste in TV shows… WIPE OUT is also his favorite show. WHEN the show is on he is glued to the TV set instead of bouncing around the rooms.

    Do your self a favor keep a couple of those baby/ kid quilts for yourself for emergency baby gifts. I give them to kids going into the hospital, for new babies, local fire/ police station to give out in times of stress.

    I am liking that you give opinions about some of the products you buy. (pattern)

    Where are your links…. I could not find them.

    I buy magazines at quilt shows on the discount tables for 25 cents plus….I go through them and pull out patterns and article I want and store them in plastic sleeves in a three ring binder…. I use is for inspiration… ie like this colorway….like this pieced border… like this pattern. I also take notes and evaluate quilts I DISLIKE with notes on why I dislike something. When trying to find a new project I look in my inspiration binder.

    HANKIES… Cindy Needham, SPECIALIZES in sewing with antique linens and hankies… she has written several books.

    Just looking at her gallery will inspire you….

    As for the giveaway…. go what feels good… Something old to you will be new to me… Something made is nice … something slightly used in good condition is okay… a bundle of fabric patches are good too.

    No quilting then……
    Since you are techy how about pod-casting occasionally about your pod-casting adventures. Tips on editing, Audacity or Garage Band??? problems you have conquered, etc. I think a lot more ladies would podcast if they could get help they understand. A few podcasters discuss their adventure with podcasting but too few and not enough
    Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams
    Pod cast about quilting, life, rants and raves

  2. Hi Pam

    I had to smile when I heard you say that you were frustrated when a pattern split up the cutting and sewing. I’m exactly the opposite, and I had put a comment to Nonnie’s question that I hated when the pattern tells you to cut all the pieces first! To each her own, I guess.

    I would prefer to hear you podcast weekly, even if you haven’t got much to say. I miss you guys (my quilty podcasters) when you go away for a long time.


  3. I really like the hearts you quilted on the sawtooth star. Will you talk more about how you did that on a future podcast? Also, I like hearing your furry friends purr into the microphone. I have 3 cats myself. Love your podcast, Pam.

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