Welcome to Hothlanta

Ya’ll, I am at the end of day 3 of SNOWMAGGEDON here in the Atlanta area. Thursday is also a snow day officially, and I suspect the counties are just going to chuck it all and call school off for Friday as well since Monday is already a holiday. I am fortunate that the roads were clear enough to get the kids to my in-laws to give everyone a break, because while the SNOWPOCALYPSE canceled school and many businesses, I work from home. My new co-workers are not exactly conducive to productivity.

I will surely be podcasting on Friday if only for the human contact. I haven’t left the house since sometime on Sunday.

Stay safe and warm! And sane.

P.S. – Send thread and liquor.

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  1. I’m with you! Although we are not under ice as you are, the kids had their second day at home and currently, a delay for tomorrow. But that could easily change! I’m trying to keep sane as well!


  2. Gee ….SIX inches is typical for MICHIGAN winter… we love it cause we can get the snow machines out.

    But you are right if you do not have the snow equipment to handle the snow it is a pain and dangerous.. I have never missed getting into work when it snowed but I have had some realllllly close calls.

    Keep thinking… I will survive!

    Happy Quilting when you get the chance,


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