Grama’s Hankie

I mentioned a couple podcasts ago that I received several of my Grama Eddie’s hankies after she passed. Not being a hankie user myself (and not wanting to snot all over something so lovely anyway), I thought I would mount the hankies on a neutral background and use them as a centerpiece for a wallhanging.  The first one I’m considering is a light green one. I’ve picked 3 fabrics from my stash as possible pairings, and am soliciting opinions!

The crocheted edge of the hankie is a variegated white/light green, a little more kelly green than the soft green of the fabric, which complicates the fabric pairing a bit.

Option 1:Yellow Paisley

Antique Hanky - Option 1

Option 2: Polka Dots

Antique Hanky - Option 2

Option 3: Flowerdy

Depending on which fabric I choose, I may mount the hankie on either a cream or a white – right now it’s all shown against a Kona White background. So… what do you think? Vote to the right!

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  1. The colour doesn’t show up right on my computer,so I’m going mostly by design. I like the polka dots best, and the floral second best. Although I’m normally a paisley fan, I don’t think it goes with the dainty crochet.

    Having said that, I am one of Darla’s left brained people (in other words, I’m not an artist) So, there may be others who have a better eye than me.


  2. Polka dots are terrific. Also…and don’t think that I’m advocating vandalism here…but have you considered doing a teensy bit of embroidery right in the center? A lovely little spray of lovely lazy-daisy stitches, perhaps? I know we usually recoil at the thought of altering something vintage and precious, but honestly I think adding your own touch would be a nice symbol of the stitching together of generations. Just a thought! 🙂

  3. It’s hard to tell, because the color here is showing up as a grey hankie on a light purply-pink background. The paisley and floral look a bit too busy – the polka dots are a cleaner look that emphasizes the crochet. Will you tack the crochet edge onto a solid fabric, then frame it with the print? That would be lovely!

  4. I don’t think that is crochet, I’m pretty sure that is tatting. My grandma did tatting on hankies and at one time I did a very little bit of tatting – way harder than crochet – IMO.
    Enjoy your podcast.

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