HtbaS – Episode 17

I thank my commenters, and talk about the feedback on Grama’s Hankie. I also talk about the blocks I finished this week, as well as some mystery projects I can’t talk more about. I also finished my funny fake fireplace cover, and talk about my love of steam.

My New Fireplace Cover

Close up of the fire:

Fake Fire - Close up

And here is Zoom warming herself before it was done:

Zoom is warming herself by the fire

7 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 17”

  1. How adorable is that fireplace cover! Love it!

    Sorry for slow reply on Hawaiian shirt fabric question – I’m way behind on Twitter. I’d consider an apron, dinner napkins, or a funky boho handbag or slouchy backpack for summer! Have great fun with them!

  2. Love the fireplace cover… How about having Sirius Black coming out of the fire? Too much:)? Also, don’t forget we went to see grama’s tombstone so we could clean the bird poo off of it!

  3. Ooh… I like the Sirius Black idea. I had also thought of having one with Santa’s boots coming in from the top for Christmas time, too.

  4. Oh, I’ve also been meaning to tell you – my mom was JUST like your grandmother in talking so casually and proudly about cemetery headstones! That’s actually pretty cool about the handwriting. My mom seemed to have a blast picking out hers years ago, and she made a big deal out of choosing the little images she had engraved by her name, and my dad’s name. She chose a spray of wheat for my dad, who was a farmer, and she chose musical notes to go by her name, but she had a hard time deciding between the music motif and a hand of playing cards (big bridge player, Mom was). She was so excited about it and always showed it to us, too, when we’d be home. It sort of freaked out my sisters and me. But she just loved it. Well, one less decision we had to make later, but anyway….! I chuckled as you were talking about it because it sounded exactly the same!!

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