HtbaS – Episode 18

Episode 18 – that means my podcast is a grown up, right? I talk about the last Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild meeting, our scrap exchange, some progress on various projects, and how I choose free-motion quilt designs. I also have a special “adults only” topic at the end about how fabric designers need some editing for certain images.

Here’s my finished Christmas wallhanging:

Christmas Wallhanging

Here is what Karin made me in the scrap exchange for the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild!

My crazy bird fabric looks and smells awesome now.

And here’s what I got from Stacey to make something out of:

Stacey's Scraps - Original

And here’s what I made for Stacey:

Stacey's Scraps

Close-up photos of my daughter’s quilt from the free-motion quilting discussion coming shortly – apparently I don’t have any posted yet! Here’s one of the finished quilt on her bed (the baby quilt I made her is hanging on the wall to the right):

And here are some photos to accompany the special “grown-ups only” section of the podcast today:
The overall pieced top from the crazy bird fabric:

This Fabric Line is Crazy

And now a very special close-up:


(just say no to bad fabric design, kids!)

And then, there’s the… other one I have issues with.


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    PATSY THOMPSONS … She teaches dozens of patterns and shows you how to expand each design to other patterns… I bought one at a time at joann’s fabric with 40% coupons till I had them all.

    I love taking contact paper cutting out my heart templates… multiple of the hearts all cut at the same time. I then scatter them on the quilt.. machine stipple a vine.. put down a heart template where I want…. free motion around the template… move the templates to another area… I get done faster.

    I also use the TWICE QUILTED idea/ book to quilt some of my smaller quilts.

    Happy Quilting… Nonnie
    Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams- Podcast

    Nonnie’s Quilting Dreams – Blog

  2. You are not alone is admiring cabbage rose designs. I dream of a Victorian parlor where I can serve tea, receive callers and stitch on my crazy quilt, etc. In this day and age, it isn’t going to happen. I bought some fabric along these lines recently and have some buyer’s remorse, but am making a project RIGHT NOW so I can get that cabbage rose lust out of my system.
    Your sister in roses.

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