Layer Cake Quilt Along and Saturday Sampler

Here’s block 8 for the Layer Cake Quilt Along:
Layer Cake Quilt Along Block 8

And here’s official house block 2 for the Saturday Sampler “It Takes a Village” and the first extra block offered:

And there’s other stuff I’m working on that I can’t share because they are gifts! Boo, but also yay!

5 Replies to “Layer Cake Quilt Along and Saturday Sampler”

  1. I just found your site and was looking at the beautiful quilt square for your ALONG quilt. I am a huge fan of the moda Origins line and your fabric choices here were spot on! Any chance I could see the the other 7 squares??? I’m very curious!

      1. Thanks for the fast respose! The quilt is incredibly fun, but your quiLTIng is the bomb!!! We don’t travel in the same quilting circles…… Maybe one day, but today I am humbled.

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