HtbaS – Episode 23

Today I talk about applique, and being okay with the list of things I’m not good at compared with the list of things I am good at. Also, fundoliers!

3 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 23”

  1. I was listening to you describe your little candy corn pieces on a long drive yesterday. Thanks for keeping me company 🙂

  2. For the record…you are not the only one with a “cotton ball” story or a filthy mind. Without going into detail here (because others may not appreciate) let me just say DD drew a candle one time to represent Jesus being the light of the world and it could not be used in the quilt. We had to ask her to draw another block. It has been preserved to make her a quilt on her wedding day!

  3. Love the podcast. I stopped a few days ago at the spot right before you said you switched to fusible so when I started again today, I thought my head was going to spin around the wrong way. WHAT??? I finally got and am with you on the switch. I like an old Elly Sienkiewicz (or however you spell it) book about applique. It has sort of a red patchwork looking cover with appliqued hearts.

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