Layer Cake Quilt Along – Block 11

LCQA – Block 11
Originally uploaded by Pantsfreesia

Um… not a fan of this block. Visually I like it, but construction-wise I found it aggravating to use a super scant 1/4″ on the vertical seams but a regular scant 1/4″ on the horizontal seams (for the “E” part). At least, that’s how I had to do it to get it to come to 12.5″.

The designer also didn’t really say that you need two pieces of the same fabric for the flower parts (on mine), and I find that sort of disrespectful. Participants have now had to do a mid-piece join to make it work, but it looks a little ugly.

Maybe I’m just cranky because my hamstrings are protesting moving up to week 2 of the couch-to-5k program.