Easter Dress (and Some Bragging)

Easter was eventful and fun, and we are still riding the chocolate bunny high (after counting our lucky stars we and our family is unscathed from the tornadoes that hit the South last night). Since I made her dress, I’m going to show it off. I would like to point out I wanted a nice small floral print, but she saw the Easter Egg print and went for it. Fortunately I still have enough of it that I can probably make her another dress next year.

Here is our classic Easter pose in front of the door:

Easter Classic

You know it’s not a party until the Bucketheads arrive:

It ain't Easter unless the Bucketheads come.

And we finish out with a nice Silly Face expression:

Another Classic Family Portrait

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  1. Great to hear that you escaped the storms. Love her dress, I would have wanted that myself when I was her age. Great job!

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