Hourglass Quilt

I think it might have taken me just as long to take a picture of it as it did to make it, but I’m still glad it’s done!  Here is the hourglass quilt in all its red and white glory. I think it measures about 80×80″ square – that’s 144 hourglass blocks in the center.

Hourglass Quilt

I set some fussy cut bits from the border and framed them out as cornerstones for the border.

Hourglass Quilt - Border

The back is red flannel with some leftover bits from the border.

Hourglass Quilt - Back

6 Replies to “Hourglass Quilt”

  1. Jane – I think I worked on it for about two weeks on and off doing the hourglass blocks (the trimming was the worst part). The layout was crazy – and I realized I was short 3 blocks! Doing the borders was also a bit tricky because I was matching up a print instead of just cutting a 7 inch border with my ruler. I think I worked on it for 2 months on and off.

  2. Your quilting is really great! Look at the back – such a great pattern! I’ve been thinking of a red and white quilt myself….I’ll be back here shortly for inspiration 🙂

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