Layer Cake Quilt Along – Finished Top

So… I did this during lunch (and the last couple days). The blocks look much better with the sashing and borders, as before I was thinking (as I have done with every quilt I have ever made) that the individual parts were all quite ugly and possibly the ugliest thing I’ve ever made. And now… poof! Tiny little sawtooth stars in the sashing makes all the difference.

I’m not quite sure how to quilt it yet, but it will photograph better when I get it done because hanging a quilt top off the clothesline doesn’t work so good with the wind warning we’ve got going on today!

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  1. When I quilted my Sampler (by hand back in the day-just sayin’, not advisin’) I quilted almost everything about 1/4″ from seam lines. I’ll try and dig up a photo so you can see it.

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