Saturday Sampler, Block(s) 4

Woot! I crammed in a visit to Tiny Stitches this morning before the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild meeting, so I got to pick up the Saturday Sampler blocks for this month.

This month’s house is church. The shop owner was pretty funny, because she said, “Some of you asked for a church in the village. Don’t email me if you have a problem with it – just leave the cross off. I don’t want emails about this!”  Again, I choose to focus on the cat keeping the church mice in line.

Saturday Sampler Block 4

And here’s the extra for this month – snowball trees!

If a cat hollers in the forest, does anyone hear it?
Yes, because my cats like to holler to represent all cats, so I guaran-dang-tee that I have heard every holler from every cat EVER. Especially when I’m on a conference call for work.

4 Replies to “Saturday Sampler, Block(s) 4”

  1. Cute! I really like those kitkats, though my personal preference would be dogs. Sure hope nobody really does complain about the church blocks.

  2. I just love your sense of humor and just so you know…your cats crack me up during your podcasts. Or maybe it is your response to them. Either way I enjoy the banter…LOL

  3. Can I just tell you how much I enjoy these blocks. The colors are just fantastic. And I know I am biased, but the cats really make it for me.

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