Groovy Cake

I finished the Layer Cake Quilt! Here it is in all it’s quilted, pre-washed glory. Thus, it is a magnet for lint and cat hair.

Finished Layer Cake Quilt

I did custom quilting within each block, and straight line in the sashing.  The borders got the ol’ stipple treatment.  On the back (Now With Even More Lint!), you can see better the individual quilting within each block. And my picnic table.

Finished Layer Cake Back

When I was trying to figure out how to quilt these blocks, I looked at the fabric design for inspiration.  There were these groovy 70’s flowers and colors, so I picked one of those for a free motion motif.  It worked well in the basket block, which was originally not one of my favorites. Ditto with the Spires block (on the left down there) – the quilting made the block for me.

I still need to label it and wash/dry it, but the binding is done! It’ll be hanging up in Tiny Stitches sometime in June – I’m not sure of the timeframe yet, but I submitted it for their customer quilt show.

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