My (Actual) Favorite Bag

Second verse, better than the first! (don’t forget the British accent: Hen-er-ree!) Since I finished up the top I needed to get off to the LAQ (the short-hand for Long Arm Quilter), I had some time to work on projects for ME! My own little Mother’s Day present to myself, so I made my bag from the “My Favorite Bag” pattern by Kati Cupcake.

Fave Bag - Side 1
Fave Bag - Side 2

I have a problem taking myself seriously when I go outside to photography things. I immediately think, “Outside is icky – why am I taking my nice stuff out here? Stupid nature.” But I need to take better photos, and my camera isn’t nice enough to do flash-less indoor pics without blurriness.

The prints come from a fat quarter bundle of “Tea Garden” by Dena Designs I got from Since it was 23 fat quarters for $8.98, I thought perhaps it was a pricing error, but the order shipped without a problem. I’m guessing it was a pricing error, since that’s the current price for a yard of fabric in the line. Oh well, that deal’s not there anymore, though, so I guess they caught on to it.

For this version of the bag, I used fusible fleece as recommended on the bag exterior and handles, but used Pellon Decor Bond for the interior and inside pockets to give it body. Honestly, as comfortable as the fleece is to carry around, it does add a lot of bulk and weight, so the Decor Bond gives it structure without weight.  I also had more of that laying around than I did the fusible fleece.

Fave Bag - InteriorSince I was using fat quarters, the prints are slightly different on either side.  I used Kona Medium Grey for the top part, and Kona Chocolate for the bottom. The interior pockets are a goldish print I had in my stash.

Amazingly the grommets went in much easier than the previous set.  I attribute that mostly to the fusible fleece rather than the fused cotton batting I used in my MIL’s bag, as the fleece can condense inside the grommet but the batting does not.

Many of the other fat quarters are in pinks or reds, but there are a couple other blue/grey/gold prints that I’ll use to make some accessories like a zippered pouch, and I’ve already made a cover for my new Kindle (Happy Mother’s Day to me – again!) but I might need to rejigger it as it’s a smidge wonky.

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  1. Love the bag…I love this one more than your MIL’s. Just in case you wanted to give me one, you’d know which I like better. Happy MD to you!

  2. The bag looks great – especially the grommets (smile). Am saying that just because I know you had issues with them for your MILs bag. Will you post a photo of your Kindle cover? And did you use a pattern for it or design it on your own?

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