Saturday Sampler Block 5

It’s a barn! With a cat, of course. I almost wanted to put a cat up on the roof where I couldn’t quite get the points to match, but I figured I’d need to quilt in a pantload of tuna inside the silo to explain why the cat was on the roof.

Then again, who can explain why a cat does anything?

6 Replies to “Saturday Sampler Block 5”

  1. I saw the quilt blocks at Tiny Stitches, and I must say that adding the cat really improves the blocks. Without the cat, they were kind of dull. But, the cat adds a bit of whimsy. 🙂

  2. I’m listening to your podcast right now, but came over to your blog because I really wanted to see the “Cat in a Bar” block. Imagine my surprise when I realized you were saying “cat in a barn.” Of course. Cats don’t hang out in bars, after all. They’re too busy terrorizing dogs to drink.

    Well, it’s a fabulous barn and a fabulous cat. Really, you’ve done a swell job. But I’m wondering … would you consider doing a cat in a bar? Please?


  3. Of course! I’m considering a “wrong side of the tracks” version of this whole house quilt – I’ve already come up with a crack house block, and the bar would be a perfect addition. I’m also thinking of an abandoned used car lot, too!

  4. You know that’s what all cats are trying to entice when they lounge around in open windows – trying to set up their own red light district.

    (in our case, it’s the laser light – my cats love to chase that red dot around)

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