HtbaS – Episode 35

I finished my quilt for the Project Modern Challenge 3: inspired by the word “organic”. Of course I nerd out about it and go down a twisty path of organic chemistry.

  • Thanks to my friend Andi for taking the pictures! Check out her business Making Modern Memories for supplies and custom quilting.
  • Here’s the image that inspired the molecular cellulose border on the quilt.
  • Here’s a little verbiage about the quilt:

When I hear the word “organic”, I think of my undergrad friends at Georgia Tech who majored in Organic Chemistry. I created this quilt as an ode to the chemistry of quilting. After doing research on the molecular and plant structure of cotton plants, I designed the quilt to mirror the basic three-walled plant structure. The outer wax layer, represented by the binding, protects the primary woody wall, represented by the brown outer border.  The most important element of the cotton plant is the secondary wall, which is primarily made up of cellulose. I created a series of pieced blocks to represent the molecular structure of cellulose, which is comprised of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen with reactive hydroxyl groups.  I assigned each of those elements a fabric to create the molecular pattern. The Perle cotton quilting in this area emphasizes the molecular bonds which bind together the cellulose and lesser components such as ash, sugar, and organic acids. Finally, the tertiary wall, represented by the narrow beige inner border, protects the center or lumen, which is primarily filled with air in the cotton plant. In my quilt, the lumen is filled with the cotton plant itself, in applique in multiple stages of maturity from initial flower to full boll. The pebbled quilting motif represents the pockets of air within the plant structure.

The center applique was done by hand.  Piecing was done by machine. With the exception of the Perle cotton running stitch, all other quilting was done on a domestic sewing machine.  The finished quilt measures 49″x49″.

6 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 35”

  1. Beautiful quilt, Pam. So thoughtful and great to put that degree to good use. Enjoyed the podcast as always. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Oh Pam! Wow….I spent a lot of years in chemistry class before vet school so I TOTALLY get your take on organic. I don’t know how you get everything done! Beautiful!!

  3. Pam- catching up on podcasts and had to come over to look at this quilt after you described it. Wow! I am in awe! That is some awesome quilting (hence, the awe). I love your work and enjoy your podcasts.


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