Saturday Sampler Blocks

My schedule got thrown off a bit for the block pick-up because of our beach vacation, but I’m caught up and have to go this Saturday to pick up the next set!  Here’s May’s blocks.For the houses sampler, this month was a log cabin.  The original block design (which you can see here) called for a Sawtooth Star sun over the pine tree and no black strip at the bottom.  The shop owner let slip that another block would also have a sun, and rather than place my village on a far-away planet with two suns, I omitted it.  I didn’t want to have to put space helmets on all my cats.

Saturday Sampler - Houses Block 6

I need to get to work designing my Pub block for the alley cats to hang out at!

And since I’m at the shop listening to the lecture for the Houses pick-up, I went ahead and signed up for the floral sampler, too.  This crocus block is the first one for the floral sampler:

Yes, it’s old fashioned.  It’s 30’s feedsack reproduction fabrics (the Aunt Grace line), and it reminds me of my dad’s mother, Grandma P.  Not that she had a wonderful flower garden or anything, but because she and Grandpa lived on a farm and would have used feedsacks at one time. To my knowledge she didn’t sew other than re-attaching buttons, and never quilted.  I still want to work in some way to personalize these, maybe with embroidery or butterflies or bees or something.

7 Replies to “Saturday Sampler Blocks”

  1. Really great job on the blocks. I love making blocks and would be happy to just to make blocks forever. Does the fabric come with the Saturday block program or do you just get the pattern?

  2. The blocks come with the pattern and the fabric to make the block. As long as you keep up with the program timing, that comes out to 83 cents a block ($10 for 12 blocks, plus some time)

  3. Yes, honey, your Grama P did sew. And she made some lovely “rag” rugs, too. I like the quilt blocks! And good call on the sun issue. Love ya.

  4. Space helmeted kitties would be adorable, though!

    The other block is nice, too~ I’m kind of hit or miss on the reproduction fabrics, myself, but I’m kind of liking the way those look.

  5. I am totally in love with the house sampler, mainly because of the cats 🙂 Are they working off of a pattern and breaking it up into months? I can’t wait to see the pub with the alley cats!!

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