Sister’s Star Quilt

Remember that Mystery Star quilt I made and had my friend Chris at Cotton Pig LAQ for me?  I can show pictures of it now!

My sister turned a Very Significant Age in terms of numbers last Friday, so I thought I’d make her a quilt for her bed. It struck me that I’d made quilts for a pantload of other relatives (including her daughter), but had not made one for her. Since she does fancy nurse-type stuff on a schedule very different from mine (see also: GROSS BLOOD and OOZY things) (P.S. – be an organ donor!), we don’t often get a chance to connect and talk, so I decided to just pick a pattern and hope she likes it. (spoiler alert: she did!)

I ended up choosing the pattern “Blue Moon“, which comes out to a 92 x 92″ square quilt. Since I had my mom do some casual recon to confirm her bed size and bedroom color choices, I knew that Queen size was the way to go, and adjusted the color accordingly. I also added two 4” borders on two ends of the quilt to allow for a little extra length to cover the bed accordingly. Plus it let me add a smidge more green to the quilt.

Sister's Star Quilt

More pictures are on my flickr stream.

I’ll talk more about the how I pieced this queen-sized top in one week (yes: you read that right. ONE WEEK. Insanity.) in the next podcast.

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  1. Pam this is absolutely wonderful!! i love the pattern and you did a great job there, your sister is so lucky. can´t wait to hear about it..
    Oh, and ps: i might “steal” your idea/that pattern, just that you know.. 🙂

  2. This is absolutely STUNNING! How in the world did you ever manage to do it in one week???? I don’t even want to think about how long it would take me. I love the pattern. Hey….do you want to adopt me???? I’ve got a big birthday coming up next year….. LOL !!!!

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