HtbaS – Episode 36

This week’s rambling includes a finished triangle quilt, Blooming Nine Patch (and nine patch sewing technique), and some progress on other small projects.

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  1. GIVE MY WELL WISH TO YOUR MOM… I WILL SAY A PRAYER. Hope she heals better.

    LQS: I too am held captive to a traditional quilt shop with me being more modern / contemporary / bright quilter. I always struggle to find fabrics I like. I do feel disloyal going to other shop but that stops when I first see the exciting other fabrics that speak to me.

    I am lucky that a quick shop hop and I can hit 10 other quilt shops within a 50 mile radius from my home….. It just takes careful planning on my part. Currently I am working exclusively out of my stash.

    I looked at your quilt on line but the voting does not start until the 16th so I will have to go back.

    I checked out the 9 PATCH tutorial I think it will be fun to try.


    Happy Quilting… Nonnie
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  2. Stop this nonsense! Are you kidding me that you are paper piecing all of those Farmer’s Wife blocks? Stop that! People at my Modern Quilt meeting yesterday were having nervous breakdowns over those blocks and I found out there are not rotary cutting directions. Email me if you have EQ and I will help you stop that nonsense.

  3. oh my hell! Not even all the way through the episode and I had to stop and comment over “the herpes of the craft world.”

    I have been in a funk since Tuesday thanks to Casey Anthony, and you finally made me laugh out loud. The guy in the car next to me thought I had lost it, and maybe I have. I am SO stealing that line!

    Thank you for the podcasts and all the laughs. Love to the kitties.

  4. Oh my gosh, I took the same blooming 9-patch class (at Little Quilts?). Boy, it is taking longer than I thought it would. Do you think you will ever make another one?

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