HtbaS – Episode 40

  • Episode 40 finds me in a strange place. The first 6 minutes or so are family updates so skip ahead if you want. I talk about felted wool projects and review the book “Fast Quilts from Fat Quarters“. Spoiler alert: I like it!
  • Nancy’s Notions has a good deal on wool felt kits for candle mats. Some of them are on sale for as low as $5.89. I finished the Pumpkin one in 2 1/2 hours this week.

2 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 40”

  1. Great podcast. I wish someone pay you to sew faster and podcast so you could do the podcast 2x/week. Thanks for keeping up the weekly schedule.

    Re: fast quilting/FQ book- It seems to me that you could look at the pieces you have cut from FQs and lay them out the way you want to as well. I haven’t seen this book, but the system sounds interesting.

    Again, sorry for the bad week. My boys act badly after I have been gone. I think they feel neglected and can’t say “hey I feel neglected because you were gone doing something work related or completely unfun so come over her and give me a cuddle.” TTSP.

  2. I never cut into my stash/ F-Q unless I am working on a specific quilt. Any time I have in the past cut into USEFUL PATCHES / PRE-CUTS I ended up regretting it as I needed it for a different project in different size patches. The book does sound interesting… but currently I am on a BOOK DIET… no more shelf room so I have to be good.

    Happy quilting,




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