Houses Sampler 7 and Aunt Grace’s Garden 2

I’ll start with the one I like best this time:

Aunt Grace's Garden Block 2

I’m pleased with how well my points came out for having to sew so many HSTs for the thistles or bear claw flowers, or whatever they are called.  I’m still mulling over what to do with these blocks to give them that “me” touch.

And here’s the house block:

Houses Sampler Block 7

To say this isn’t my favorite is an understatement. I think the colors have some issues going together – perhaps it’s just too many colors in one block given the simplicity of some of the prior blocks, and the cat doesn’t really stand out because of the orangey tones of the stripe fabric.  I like the flag in concept, but it could do with some scaling down perhaps (although nothing says “I love America” like hanging a flag big enough to block out the sun by your house – perhaps this house is in Texas?) (note: Texas, please don’t hate. I love you and your big hair, Love, The South, aka Sisters in Big Hair).

I don’t know that I’ll be redoing it, but perhaps it’ll go on the back of the quilt.  I did get another set of trees for another “filler” block, but I decided to keep those as 3 separate trees instead of one big tree block so I can scatter them throughout the quilt.

2 Replies to “Houses Sampler 7 and Aunt Grace’s Garden 2”

  1. Hi Pam,
    I think you are right that there is something off about the scale. Is the stripey part of the flag one piece of fabric, applique’ or piecing?

    The points did come out well in the top Aunt Grace block. What about some embroidery with Perl Cotton? Is that you?


  2. The stripe on the flag is printed material. I’m wondering if separating the flag from the house is the way to go, then I’d have a house block at 8″ wide instead of the standard 12″, and I could pair it with a 4″ wide tree or something.

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