Knoxville AQS Inspiration

Here are some of the quilts that inspired my from the Knoxville AQS show. There were more, but I couldn’t take pictures of them.

One of the Louisiana guild challenges was to create a quilt inspired by Hurricane Katrina. This one used hurricane lilies with some gorgeous applique and metallic thread accents:

Hurricane Lily

Square Peg in a Round Hole. I think the name is self explanatory.

Square Peg in a Round Hole

Persian Bouquet. I love the shape of the design, the colors, and the use of black thread to secure the applique. It gives it a an almost stained-glass look without looking heavy.

Persian Bouquet

Revolt of the Bolt. First I was drawn to the subject matter, and then as I studied it some more, I love that the illustrated effect is made even better by the use of shadows to make it look more dimensional.

Revolt of the Bolt

Wheels of Time. First of all: Gears! Yes, please. Some of the gears are independent pieces that look like they can turn (they are secured in the center by beads). Lots of dimension, and I like that it’s a circular quilt.

Wheels of Time