Giveaway Extravaganza!

So, finally, the prize is revealed! As a reminder, you can enter to win by commenting on any post on this blog during the month of August. That means regardless of when I posted the entry, so theoretically you could comment on all 90 posts and be entered 90 times. Knock yourself out!


Here’s what in the giveaway:

  • A market bag (from the Bijou Lovely tutorial) made of VIBRANT floral and green fabric. It’s lightly interfaced, so rather scrunchy.
  • A mug rug in teals with orange binding.  I was practicing FMQ with a scallopy pattern and thought this would be a dandy addition. Alternately, it could be used as a ferret quilt. Or a tiny hat (for you, not a ferret).
  • A copy of the AQS American Quilter magazine I picked up in Knoxville.  This particular issue has 77 winning quilts from various AQS shows. It’s great for inspiration! Keep it in that place you like your alone time, like your sewing room. Or bathroom. I don’t judge.
  • A new set of thread snips from Creative Notions. This actually started the giveaway, because I ordered one for me, the company accidentally sent me two, and when I called to let them know, they said to just keep the second set since the processing cost of the return would be greater than the value of the product. So I’m kind of in love with Ken’s Sewing Center. (close-up of the snips and magazine below)
  • The navy and purple floral bag on the lower left is, honestly, a Bag of Corn. I don’t know the official name, and I know that sounds like a horrible thing to give someone. But! This is dried corn, and the same sort of thing as creating a microwave rice bag. You pop it in the microwave for 1:30-2:00 minutes on high, and when it’s nice and warm you put it on your shoulder, knee, or wherever you need some heat. I have one that I got from my SIL for Christmas that I use frequently on my shoulders during long sewing stretches.

Giveaway Closeup

13 Replies to “Giveaway Extravaganza!”

  1. I would love to win your giveaway. I started to listen to your podcasts after hearing the lady from the Quilting for the Rest of Us podcast mention you. I too have young kids and left somewhat near you I think. I live in Cumming, GA.

  2. What an eclectic mix of goodies – and all stuff I like. Love the bright shopping bag, and I use a heating pad for headaches which could easily be replaced by the bag of corn. I enjoy your podcasts and would love to win your giveaway.

  3. I have been meaning to send you an email but I guess it makes more sense to leave a comment and enter to win. hehehe. I am finally caught up on your podcast (I was only 2 behind). I am so glad to hear you are a Runway watcher. Does that mean that I can tweet you snide comments during the show? OH and ….crap! I can’t remember what the other thing was I wanted to say. It will come to me at some point! C—R—-A—P

  4. Hi Pam,

    Those are very cool prizes. Thanks for offering them up to us. AND thanks for all the work you put into your podcasts. I always enjoy them.

  5. Hi Pam,

    Love your bags. I like to make bags because they make for some quick gratification and closure of a project.

    The give-a-way would be awesome 🙂


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