HtbaS – Episode 41

I talk about getting back on the sewing/quilting horse again this week and discuss some tips for free-motion quilting. Also, the August Giveaway Extravaganza is this month!  Comment on any post on this blog during the month of August and I’ll enter you into a giveaway.

Here’s the Cat Nap Mats I made for Good Mews – both are about 18×22″

Cat Nap Mats

First day of school!

Rainbow Dress

My Leader & Ender organizer.

Leader & Ender Organizer

My Blooming Nine Patch center.  It’s not as subtle as the traditional B9P, but it’s not so pixelated as others I’ve seen. I think the key is using busy prints.

Blooming Nine Patch Center

10 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 41”

  1. I have no problem with the sound of the podcast direct from iTunes or via headphones (Airdrive, in case it matters). Love the Bloomin’ 9 Patch. Love your take on it. It is not screaming floral (nothing wrong with that, of course) like some I have seen. Yours has punch! Actually, I think something like Hawaiian Punch might be a good name for it, even though it isn’t aloha fabric. Re: quilt to do list. Have you seen my end of the year round-up? I actually work on it all year and it acts as my to do list and I get a blog post as a bonus. You can look at last year’s at: I always feel really happy when I see how much sewing I have accomplished. Just an idea. Bloomer has great hair. That dress is BRIGHT!

    Great podcast, once again. Thanks for posting!

  2. So pretty! All of it. I LOVE the nap mats and will be making those for my naughty kitties. I wonder if it will keep said kitties off of things I DON’T want them on – not likely, but still worth a shot. Thanks for the give away opportunity!

  3. Thanks for all the free motion quilting tips. I have a plan to really practice, but never seem to find the time. This fall when the kids are back to school I hope to get set up with some practice sandwiches. (Kids here don’t go back until after Labor Day). Also, the volume is fine to me. The rainbow dress is beautiful, and well accessorized – shoes and sunglasses! Thanks for the podcasts. Margaret

  4. Really pretty quilt! Always like getting more info on fmq. I don’t drop the feed-dogs either. Also, no problems with the sound on the podcast. Thanks!

  5. Now how cute is that dress and I love the hidden gold! She looks so pleased with herself in it. The catmats are a great idea. When I was learning to free motion, I made a dog blanket with a thrifted flannel sheet. The dog loved it and didnt care about stitch quality. I’ve also practiced by making rugs for my mudroom. Thanks for the great podcast! Tami in Denver

  6. Hey Pam! No problem with the sound of the podcast on my end. Glad you and the girls liked the fat quarter. The bloomin’ 9 patch looks great and I love the cat nap mats. I’m going to need to try and whip up a few for our cat shelter as well 🙂

  7. I love the dress… such bright colours…. I am just starting on back to school outfits for the kids as we don’t start until after labour day…

    Thanks for the info on FMQ, maybe oneday I’ll try it again…

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