HtbaS – Episode 42

Lots of stuff getting done this week! Houses Sampler block, hand-sewing prep, finishing the B9P quilt and Kaufman Challenge quilt, and little nagging projects.

Here are all my batiks drying in the sun (I had to add more purple to the mix, just to keep up the tradition of trying to get purple in every room of my house):

Batiks Drying 1
Batiks Drying 2

2 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 42”

  1. Those batiks are awesome. I’m surprised about the bleeding though…I use batiks all the time and have not had any issues. I do, however, wash and dry all my fabric before I use them (essentially, as they are bought and placed in my stash). IMHO…don’t waste much time editing. Your podcast is part of your life. That is part of the flavor of it…kids, phones, and purring cats. Love it all.

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