Mostly for My Mom

Attention Interwebs! I need input, mostly from my mom because this is going to be her quilt, but feel free to chime in since today is the last day to enter the Giveaway Extravaganza!

So, here are two sets of four pineapple blocks that I’m using for my mom’s quilt.  I am not sure which set I like best for the front of the quilt, but there will be 40 of these blocks total on the front, with one panel of the print fabric in the middle.

Zoom is a Helper Cat

Oh wait. There’s a little something on the fabric. A little something I call Six Pounds of Fury! *rimshot*  Apparently today at Helper Cat Labs they are working on reinforcing gravity.

So, Mom, which do you like better? Left (with more prints in the light values) or Right (with all solid Sand colors for the light)?  Whichever one you don’t pick I’ll put in the back of the quilt.

15 Replies to “Mostly for My Mom”

  1. I think I would like the right one with more solid sand for the front and the left on the back. But you know me, I think all your stuff is lovely! 🙂

  2. Just call me ‘Wrench in the works’ but can you mix them up – alternating light and mixed – or does that lose the effect? Either way – they look fantastic-o! Oh and for my 2 cents – I like the busy prints – it’s so dynamic.

  3. I’m finding myself going a little bit more for the ones on the left, which surprises me about myself. But I find them more interesting. I don’t get the busy-ness feeling from them because the solids (or at least “read as solids”) blues and browns give your eyes somewhere to rest. I like either one, though. Can’t wait to know what Mom picks!

  4. I am going with AmyDe mix them up or better yet alternate light and dark so they work off of each other. THEY all look lovely. I like the pattern and the idea of the center fabric breaking it up… very novel.



  5. I tend to like the ones on the left after spending more time just staring…but I say let the helper cats do their job and “helper”. See which they pick, lol 🙂 PS – gorgeous work as always!

  6. I prefer the print ones on the left, but I like the mix-it-up idea, too. Also like you lovely helper. My newest is developing the ability to run rapidly onto the quilt/into the frame as soon as the camera comes out. Shouuld be good for years of fun.

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