Mystery Plaid Quilt – Done!

This is a Christmas gift for someone who I don’t think reads the blog or listens to the podcast, so I’m going to go ahead and post it.  I used the same pattern as I did for our niece’s quilt last year, but instead of feathers for the quilting, I did straight line quilting.  It seemed to work better with the plaids.  All these plaids came as a FQ bundle from the bulk purchase I made from craigslist last year, and they were just neat to throw together.  The finished quilt measures 65×80″(ish).

Mystery Plaid Quilt

For the back I used leftover scraps from the front, and some green and ivory plaids I had from that same craigslist purchase.

Mystery Plaid Quilt - Back

5 Replies to “Mystery Plaid Quilt – Done!”

  1. I am have pieced a Christmas quilt and intend to make it into a tablecloth. Any ideas what I should use for batting? I have heard that some have used flannel and others have used regular batting. What do you think?

  2. Skippi – I think it’s pretty common to skip batting if you’re going to use a quilt top as a tablecloth (that’s what my MIL does). Quilting is a bit different, of course, but you can still quilt whatever design you want. Just be wary that without batting the “sandwich” will be flimsy if you’re trying to push it around for free-motion quilting.

    You can either sew right sides together with the top and backing (1/4″ seam), leaving an opening and then flip it right side out. You could also do a traditional binding on it.

  3. I love this pattern! It looks great in the plaid. What a nice gift! I am now officially inspired to make a Christmas quilt! I also love this pattern as you did it for your niece. Beautiful!

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