The Weary World Rejoices

I finished re-framing the nativity cross-stitch I talked about in Episode 43.  As it turns out I had 16×20″ frame where the glass broke, and it was the perfect size for this finished piece.  Since I didn’t want to quilt over the cross-stitch, I think framing it is the best bet.
The quilted portion fits exactly in the frame, but without glass there’s a danger of the edges poking out (I can see it happening a bit at the top). I will probably go in an add 1″ strips of fabric along the edge of the piece that I can wrap around and tape down on the back of the matboard inside the frame.
The star at the top is the Guiding Star paper pieced pattern from Quilters Cache– I reduced the size 50% so it’s 3″ square – that’s crazy small to paper piece.  The quote at the bottom is from “O Holy Night”, my favorite Christmas carol. I cry EVERY TIME I hear it, which makes it near impossible to listen to the Christmas carol station on the radio when I drive because I never know when it’ll come on.

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  1. It is beautiful. I would put the strip in to tack it down. You will probably be more pleased with how it lays on the edges. Beautiful work!

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