HtbaS – Episode 46

Short and sweet this week; I’m quilting my mom’s quilt and give a recipe for chicken and dumplings.

EDITED: Forgot I wrote up the recipe on my mommyblog. And it has the same colorful language you’d expect from me.

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  1. I really love your made up words. I have a set of my own that I use from time to time too, hehe. Frillion, that’s a real gem right there!

    I laughed out loud at your example of your blair witch quilt diaries.. too funny. I’m imaging tears and snot and you saying.. “I’ve now lost my rotary cutter.. sniff sniff.. I have no idea where it is… ” LOL

    And, I am so thrilled I’ve found a fellow zompocalypse lover! Well, I don’t know if you are as obsessed with zombie stuff as I am, but most quilters I encounter are completely opposed to the horror genre in general. You seem pretty cool. I’m going to check out the books you talked about. I love post-apocalyptic stories, whether they be zombie or otherwise induced. I’m just a ray of sunshine eh!? LOL, ok enough rambling.. I’ll save it for the podcast. 🙂

  2. An advanced skill is a pieced border… they can be so hard to get to the correct size and placement.

    There are over 4000 blocks in the various block encyclopedias some of them are very difficult and complicated. I think piecing blocks of upward of 20-30 pieces in a block and getting them to size can be an advanced technique. Getting any block to correct size can be a real challenge. I would think a feathered star, mariner’s compass even with paper piecing can be a real challenge.

    Designing your own quilt and not using someone else’s pattern can be considered an advanced skill.

    I think after a while it becomes a question of style and enjoyment. I can do the more technically challenging blocks and quilt tops with tons of pieces but I find I like a lot of the modern, improvisational, minimalistic graphic blocks and quilts better. I am to the point I only make what I like if it is not considered challenging enough too bad, so sad go make your own quilt with a million pieces.

    Well this is my two cent worth. It is 3am I am tired and trying to get a three year old to realize it is the middle of the night and time for him to go back to sleep. Oh well… Nonnie-hood can be tough.


  3. When you write up the recipe, I hope you include the “oh crap!, the chicken” directive. Its my favorite part of the recipe!

    Seriously, thanks for great podcasting. I really enjoy your show.

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