Baltimore Halloween Quilt- FINISHED!

Praise Cthulhu! I finished the dang Baltimore Halloween quilt.  I’m going to post the overall picture and a close-up of my favorite block, but to see the rest of the pictures you can click over to the Flickr set (to see additional descriptions) or click thru the slideshow at the end (without descriptions).

Here’s the overall view:

Here’s my favorite block, which I love because of the quilted ghost inside. Before I quilted it, this block was just “okay”. When I took pictures, the sun was behind the quilt, hence the sparkly effect through the quilting):
Baltimore Halloween: Block 12
Here’s the full slide show:

This quilt was originally a BOM but I handled it in one big lump.  I loved the look of Baltimore Album quilts and doing it as a Halloween quilt was the perfect match.

YAY! Think how productive I’ll be now that I’m not working on this anymore! I’ve already finished two small projects since taking the last stitch on this quilt.

Edited: At Tanesha’s suggestion, I’m entering this into the Blogger’s Quilt Festival!


19 Replies to “Baltimore Halloween Quilt- FINISHED!”

  1. Wow….Love it. Just in time for Halloween! Purple…could get much better. Do you have a link to purchase the pattern? I will add it to my Xmas Baltimore Album BOM. BTW, haven’t started that yet. Maybe for Xmas 2012 or 13.


  2. I am very impressed. Is this the one you were going to do by hand and then changed your mind? If it is, I understand completely. I absolutely ADORE the ones with owls on them!! I know this sounds trite but seriously, thank you for sharing.

  3. I’m sure you’re glad to be done with it, but it really is awesome! You should be proud of it 🙂 I would keep it up until December 1st, lol. Lucy and Emmie send their hellos to Zoom and Zapper.

  4. Love love love it!! I have been resisting making this quilt for several years now, not as if I don’t have a big pile of BOMs stacked up already. But you did such a fabulous job with it, and I can feel myself cracking under the pressure…and pea-green envy it’s hanging in your house not mine right now, lol. Beautiful quilting too!

  5. This is not at all the size or the look that was in my mind. Why did I think the thing was wall sized? I was thinking 1.5’x4′ or something. This is an actual bed quilt.It really is quite stunning and I love the way you did the quilting. It really fits with the piece. Excellent!

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