HtbaS – Episode 51

I talk about embroidery, landscape quilting, and how I finally learned how to properly use fusibles for applique. Whoops.

3 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 51”

  1. Nice that you have started your Christmas projects…. I find I have to have them done by October so I can get them done by the long armer. I am not anywhere near getting them done.

    I have a feeling that this year no one is getting any handmade gifts from me… I am feeling kind of GRINCHY and will probably give out gift cards.

    I keep thinking I want to refresh the house to… but so far nothing has gotten done so far. I can pick fabrics for a quilt but I can never pick colors to live with on the walls… I keep picking various shades of cream. Need to do something different.

    Enjoyed your podcast, I always like hearing about your projects…. Girl you keep so busy…. You are making me feel lazy.



  2. What podcast service are you moving to? I like direct downloads better than iTunes… faster and uses less broadband. I hope you will post a new link when you have everything set up.


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