Saturday Sampler – October Blocks

First! A random house I can’t explain.  It was called “House of Mirrors”, which I totally don’t get because there are no mirrors.  I also changed it since the original block (seen here) had towers that looked like ears, so of course I wanted to complicate it instead and do a slanted roof.
Saturday Sampler: House of Mirrors 

Serene Cat has no time for this mirror nonsense.
And here is the Grandma’s Garden block for October, called “Geranium Pot”.
If you look closely (or click through to the Flickr site to zoom), you’ll see the words “shut the door” coming off the bee’s bottom. It’s something I’ve said, my mom has said, but MIL is oblivious of. So not universally a grandmother’s perspective, but close enough.
Here are the other blocks, which are now embroidered with other words of wisdom.  Apologies for the strange photography, but I had to enhance the contrast a bit to show the stitching.

From Grama Eddie (“eat chocolate”):
Grama Eddie's Words of Wisdom

From my mom (“be happy”):

My Mom's Words of Wisdom

From me (in the future when I’m a grandma, “haters gonna hate”):

Grandmotherly Words of Wisdom 

From Grama Eddie’s mom (shortened from the original “It’s okay to eat cookies for breakfast”):

Great-Grandma's Advice