A Very Terrible Quilt – FINISHED!

This is a Christmas present for my BIL. I am generally a fan of the Steelers, but not a fan of their QB. I am, however, a fan of this quilt.

It’s a very simple design – the two complicated parts were the logo and the Roman numerals.

The logos are paper pieced based on a sketch of the letters I did.  The team has six Super Bowl wins, so once I created the numerals sections, I had to do some math to figure out the spacing. I, however, love math.
The logo is a set of 3 orange peel blocks, the template I got from McCall’s on their website.  More math and setting triangles, which I need to do some work on.  My current method is to over-size the triangles and lop off the extra. I’d rather be more precise.
I backed the quilt with the team fleece print, and no batting.  There was some bearding of the fleece poking through the top with the quilting stitches, but since it’s a mostly black quilt top with mostly black fleece, it’s not that bad.  If you go this route, I would recommend matching your fleece back color as closely as possible to the quilt top because of this.
The back is very snuggly, though. All in all, I’m pleased with it and it was quick to come together.  Now to wrap it!

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