Attack of the Hexies: FINISHED!

I know. I can hardly believe I finished another quilt this week, too. I must have had a lot of pent up productivity after finishing up the Halloween quilt.  This is my entry to the “Attack of the Hexies” point-and-laugh along with Sandy and Jaye (who’s laughing now, Jaye?!?).

This quilt is a Christmas gift for my niece and is called “Monkey Butt” (and hopefully my sister will not let her go on my blog for a bit – not sure she ever visits, but still…).  It got it’s name from the word game we used to play with her when she was little – everyone would take turns naming an animal. Or rather, an animal butt. She learned a lot about animals and butts that way.  The battlecry of “Monkey Butt!” was usually the opening volley. Sometimes we still yell that out and she’s 13 now.
The quilt is about 66×70″.  The hexies are 5 1/2″ cut (so 5″ finished) from a fat quarter assortment of this sock monkey fabric.  They were machine pieced using the technique Jaye had on her blog for set-in seams.  Once I got going they came together quickly.
The quilt needed a nice white stop border, which really helps give the eye a place to rest in the crazy randomness of the colorful hexies.  I love that striped binding fabric, and am sad I only have a 4 inch piece of it left after binding this quilt. Alas.
Monkey Butt Closeup

It’s quilted with an all-over stipple in Isocord thread (except for the obvious straight lines in the stop border).  The back was pieced with leftovers from the fat quarters and a strip from the border fabric, and a piece of red I had from curtains my mom gave me.

Monkey Butt Back

I’ll talk more about the hexie assembly process in the podcast on Friday (as well as how I get so much sewing done).  I’m hoping to finish two more quilts this month. I have a backlog!

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  1. Really nice job! The monkeys don’t look scary at all. I like the variety of colors you used. It is appealing and moves the eye around the piece. I agree that the stop border works well.Nice job on the border fabric, too.

  2. Wow, this is a totally cool quilt with a TOTALLY cool name, one which I will not share with my children, because if I did, everything in the world would be Monkey Butt from now on.


  3. Congratulations on winning the hexie tourney! Does that make you the official Hexie Warrior in the Attack of the Hexies? (I’m still cutting, cutting, cutting….) Love the quilt–the border is perfect in color and style. Very, very cool!

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